Ron Gafni

Ron Gafni (born 1970, Kibbutz Gaash) works as a professional aerial photographer and publisher of Israeli gift books, after spending more than a decade in Israel’s High-Tech Industry as a software engineer.

His unique perspective has evolved throughout many years of flying a variety of aircrafts that enable him to capture the very essence of the land and its people on camera.

Gafni shoots mainly aerial photos, as well as urban and scenic landscapes.

Along the years his work was on display in National museums and monuments,  well known magazines such National Geographic, local media and also at the
UN building in NY, giving the opening speech 

Some of Gafni’s extensive work and awards winning aerial photography of Israel has been published in books
"Lovely Israel From Above",  "70 Faces of Israel," "Israel From Above," ,  "Israel SkyView," and more, which show Israel at its best!
Ron with his sons Raz and Idan at the opening of a nature photgraphy exhibition in the Tel Aviv museum afetr winning in 3 categories, this exhibition was on display along the international "BBC Nature Photogapher of the year 2018" exhibition.
​[ תמונה במגזין  NG - ים המלח]
Ron's images have been published by National Geographics
(International edition as well as domestic)


Ron speaking iat the UN exhibition, giving the opening speach, FEB 2017

רון גפני, צילום אוויר, Ron Gafni' Aerial photography