70 faces of Israel - The classic gift book

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Our new gift book for Israel's 70th birthday!
A gift for customers or guests in Hebrew, English, Chinese, and more
"70 Faces of Israel" is filled with spectacular aerial photographs of Israel. It is a great Israeli gift for people interested in Israel that is impressive and distinguished.

An Israeli gift with the latest aerial photos of our beautiful country that tell the story of Israel. See the old and the new, the holy land, cities, nature, and agriculture from above.
This book is currently available in English, Chinese, and other languages. You can brand the book with your company's logo and greeting on the inside front cover to make the gift more personable and unique.
This book is the product of photographs by aerial photographer Ron Gafni. Every year, he adds more pictures to his collection by flying on a variety of aircraft in order to show Israel from a unique perspective.
This book is an ideal Israeli gift for business connections and relatives from abroad that can be combined with other products to make gift packages (highly recommended!)

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הספר "70 פנים לישראל" ניתן למיתוג,
מגיע בעברית + אנגלית, סינית ועוד שפות בהמשך...

פרופ' יוסי ורדי              Prof. Yossi Vardi

טל ברודי     Tal Brodi  

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70 פנים לישראל
שם המחבר \ צלם: רון גפני
הוצאה לאור: סקאייפיקס
כריכה קשה, 144 עמודי פנים, גודל 23*32 ס"מ, 1100 גרם
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