Our Team


Amir Rom - Designer

    Designer of SkyPics new books, Amir has received various awards and acknowledgments for previous books and designs. A graduate of "Betzalel" institute in Jerusalem and senior designer at "Yediot Ahronot" daily newspaper, Amir's main occupation today is producing outstanding hand-made clay products found at all major tourist attractions

 Tal Shtiglitz

Pilot & Owner of Hot Air Balloon fleet, Tal specializes in events, aviation productions and turning client's dreams into reality 


Dvora Gafni

 Logistics manager, customer relations, production and sales. Born in Herzliya, Dvora is also the mother of two small children 
Kathy Author, Kathleen  (Kathy) Barrett makes her home in Florida with husband, Dennis. She has had published numerous articles on a variety of topics. She enjoys writing and teaching topical studies on spiritual growth to women's groups. As a former pre-school teacher, Kathy wrote a children's devotional and activity journal,  entitled, Jubilee Journal.    Of this project - Israel - God's Heart - Kathy says, "I am truly humbled and honored to be associated with Ron Gafni on such a beautifully inspired work, and also to be SkyPics representative in Florida."
Scripture used is from the NIV (New International Version)