"Israel from Above" - Ron Gafni

An excellent gift to your guests and visitors from Israel and from abroad
A presentable and dignified gift that leave a great and impression.
A gift you can carry in your suitcase, not too heavy to carry, not too expensive to ship, and the most important feature, it’s a gift that "speaks" the customer's language and makes him understand how much he is important to you.

The Israel’s Aerial photography book presents Israel to people that are not familiar with the country and its special views and landscapes and showcases beautiful, new and surprising angles. The book is compact in size and east to ship in the mail or to slip into your carry - on suitcase.

The book is in print in 5 languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, French and Russian.

You can add a company logo and greeting on the front page and with this turn the gift to be personalized and memorable. A gift that is unique, original, and rich in values.

The book can come in a personal gift wrap, or boxed in silk paper. The book can be combined with exquisite gift boxes which contain Israeli-made products such as dates, olive oil, chocolate, honey, wine and liqueur or with hand crafted tiles depicting Israeli motifs.

We would be delighted to be at your service, consult, advise and assist you with matching just 
the right products for your customers, in a way that matches your requirements and your budget.

Hard cover, 23 X 17 centimeters, 96 Int. pages
Name: Israel From Above
Author / Photographer: Ron Gafni
ISBN 978-965-91180-8-3
Languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian

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Israel from above - English ישראל בצילומי אוויר, מתנה לחול

Israel from above - Chinese ישראל בצילומי אוויר, בסינית, מתנה לחול


<span style="color:#0000FF"><strong>Israel from Above - in English</strong></span>

Israel from Above - in English

French Edition - Israel from Above

French Edition - Israel from Above