Image bank of aerial images

Pictures of the Israeli landscapes for your office or home, photographs for architects of building, structures and projects, to hang on the walls of your home or office, as part of brochures, and even as greeting cards. You can pick and choose from the large variety of pictures from the galleries on our website.

The pictures are divided by themes: Israeli landscapes, holy sites, agriculture, abstracts, animals, sports, urban scenes and many others.

We have a large stock to chhose from and the galleries on this site shows only a glance.

Enlarging the pictures formats is performed in the highest quality and the photographs are printed on quality HP or Epson paper, or over a canvas fabric as requesteded by the customer.

The pictures can be framed in aluminum or wood frames, pasted on kappa board, on glass and Plexiglas and many other options. The prints can be ordered in up to 2 meters width and at any length.

Highly recommended for offices, franchise branches, hospitality rooms, and company’s headquarters.

Feel free to contact us at: 09 – 8650068

צילומי אוויר ממאגר או הזמנה

נוף כפרי ועירוני מהאוויר

 קיבוץ געש 2016 - צילום אוויר

Petach tikva, Industrial Area<br />

Petach tikva, Industrial Area